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The Zoomobile is an exciting live animal presentation brought directly to your class. The one-hour program includes five animals and provides an unique educational experience blending scientific knowledge with opportunities to study animals. Presentation topics are geared to follow the California State Science Standards for each grade level. A selection from thirteen species of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates allows for animal observation and discussion of natural behaviors, animal adaptations, habitats, ecological status and conservation needs.
  • For more than 30 people:
    • Assembly presentation $210.00
  • For 30 people or fewer:
    • 1st Classroom Presentation $120.00 (within Santa Ana $108.00)
    • 2nd Classroom Presentation* $90.00
    • 3rd Classroom Presentation* $60.00
      * Additional classroom presentations must occur on the same day, back to back.
Note: For the safety of our animals, all presentations must take place in an enclosed, indoor space. No food or drink is permitted in the presentation space. We recommend that all participants wash their hands prior to and after attending a presentation.

Zoomobiles are available within a thirty mile radius of the Santa Ana Zoo, pending approval.

For more information and reservations please email Terri at thernandez2@santa-ana.org.

Download the Zoomobile flyer
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