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  • 9: All Zoo Staff & Volunteer Picnic: 6 - 8pm | Amphitheatre Area.

  • 12, 26: Sunset at the Zoo, featuring "Brew at the Zoo:" 5:30 - 7:30pm | Bring a picnic and join us for a series of evenings of live music, beer tasting, craft tables, train/carrousel rides and animals: FOSAZ Member Discount. more info...

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Our black and white colobus monkey, Kianga, had her third baby on June 21st.

Look for the cute baby (sex unknown as of yet) with the white curly hair. Come for a visit before its coat changes to its regular adult coloration....

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Ocelots are beautiful "exotic" wild cats from South America, often described as "miniature cheetahs." There are currently only 26 Brazilian Ocelots in the United States, and we are bringing two to the Santa Ana Zoo.

Since 2002, the Santa Ana Zoo has been working with the Association of Zoos and Aquariums' Brazilian Ocelot Consortium and the government of Brazil to play a role in the ocelot's survival. The ocelot currently is classified as an endangered species, and the Santa Ana Zoo has been one of ten U.S. zoos involved with the consortium.

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Mule Deer

Do you enjoy hiking and sometimes observe deer while out and about in Southern California? If so, you can help out by reporting sightings of our native mule deer. Mule deer are a large brown deer species, and one that is found throughout Orange County and Southern California.

Dr. Erin Boydston, a researcher with the United States Geological Survey and a partner of the Santa Ana Zoo, is studying the distribution of deer in our area through genetic analysis of their scat (a scientific term for poop). In order to find scat to sample, it helps to know exactly where to search...

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Uncle Scale's Journals

June 17, 2014

You may already know this, but when you have a large group of crows, they are referred to as "a murder of crows". I always thought that was kind of odd, if also cool, when I was young... I now can understand the reasoning behind this after my years here at the Santa Ana Zoo, and my experience from the other night can attest to why!

Many times I will end up being one of the last people to leave the Zoo, especially if I am running a training session for one of our rides. On Friday I was leading a carrousel ride training for a few of our newer employees, and it wound up going pretty late. After the staff had all left for home and I had been sitting in my office for a while making sure I had all the signatures and whatnot that go along with the training I was visited by the urge of the call of nature.

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The Friends of Santa Ana Zoo Receives $500,000 Gift from Local Resident

The Friends of Santa Ana Zoo (FOSAZ), the non-profit support organization for the Zoo, today announced it has received a gift of more than $500,000 from one of its long-time Zoo members and supporters.

A resident of Orange County and Zoo member since 1997, this wonderful individual continually gave back to the Zoo by "adopting" animals and donating gifts to fund various animal care projects and education programs, and was a familiar face at the Zoo's annual fundraising gala Zoofari.

"We're honored to celebrate the life of a dear friend and wonderful advocate for the Santa Ana Zoo, and want to say thank you for sharing your heart and your success with the Zoo," says Cathi Decker, Executive Director, FOSAZ...

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Zookeeper Nicole Leslie re-enacts the popular scene from the new movie "Jurassic World,"
but in Santa Ana Zoo style!

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