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  • 5: FOSAZ Board of Directors Annual Meeting: 5 - 7pm | Crean Family Farm Barn Classroom at the Zoo (4pm Zoo Tour).

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Adorable Baby Lemur Born at the Santa Ana Zoo is OC's Cutest New Foodie

The Santa Ana Zoo at Prentice Park is happy to report its baby Black-and-White Ruffed Lemur, born on May 18, 2017, is healthy, energetic and enjoying copying the vocals and antics of parents Mary Lou and Tamazula.

The Zoo Keepers describe the baby lemur, whose sex has yet to be determined, as rambunctious and extremely interested in taste testing new foods. Among the little pup's favorites firsts are grapes and bananas. Guests and Zoo members can easily spot our baby lemur in the Black-and-White Ruffed Lemur habitat, which is located in the Zoo's primate walkway.

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Worlds Apart
by Ron Glazier, Retired Director of the Zoo

Amazing photos from the latest Mars lander! We're worlds apart-on average 140 million miles or so-and the talk of sending people to colonize Mars is something out of science fiction. As exciting as that prospect is, there's something missing on Mars that we too often take for granted here on Earth...Nature.

Can we imagine Earth as a sterile ball of mud? A world without trees and flowers, birds and butterflies flitting from branch to branch, and reindeer traversing the tundra...

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Rainy Day Blog

February 14, 2019

It's cold, wet, and worse yet for the Zoo, muddy! But I like the rain, so I decide I'm going out for a visit the Zoo on this rainy day. If you decide you want to visit the Zoo on a rainy day, though, make sure you call (714) 836-4000 to find out whether or not we are open. We sometimes have to close the Zoo if it is not safe for our guests.

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Santa Ana Zoo's Master Plan is Empowering the Community to Help Save Wildlife and Wild Spaces

The Santa Ana Zoo is pleased to announce the next phase of its "master plan," which is supported and funded by the City of Santa Ana, as well as volunteers, donors and Friends of the Santa Ana Zoo (FOSAZ), is well underway.

Under the guidance of its new Zoo Director Ethan Fisher, the family-friendly zoo is continuing to enhance and expand its 20-acre, stroller and wheelchair accessible urban forest. Among the new family-fun features for guests to enjoy are the Fifty-Monkey Ferris Wheel and the Dung Beetle Maze...

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Zookeeper Nicole Leslie re-enacts the popular scene from the movie "Jurassic World,"
but in Santa Ana Zoo style!

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