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Wish List
By donating towards the purchase of one or more of these items, you will help enrich the lives of the animals or help with education or conservation. Each item has a listed price and description. Although everyday upkeep of our exhibits is contained within our budgets, these extra items will go a long way to help out.

If the item is no longer available or is available at a discounted price at the time of purchase, your extra donation dollars will be used towards Zoo improvements.

Curiosity Cart Program $250.00
These carts feature unique artifacts for guests to explore as they learn about the animals and their habitats. New carts and artifacts will be used for more than just special events and give guests more opportunities to really get to know our animals.
Qty Needed: 4

Vari-Kennels $100.00
Sometimes our animals need to be transported around. These animal-friendly kennels allow them to travel in style!
Qty Needed: 2

Scales $300.00
These are not reptile scales. We need to be able to weigh our animals at times and need a variety of scales to handle the job.
Qty Needed: 2

Dung Balls for Maze $500.00
These are not made from real dung! They are artistically crafted to appear like dung so children can push them through the Dung Beetle Maze in the farm.
Qty Needed: 2

Education Program Scholarships $250.00
With school budgets shrinking and the price of transportation growing, many schools cannot afford to bring their classes to the Zoo. Help bring disadvantaged children to the Zoo for an Education Program so they can meet the animals face to face!
Qty Needed: 2

Habitat Enhancement Items for Animals $100.00
The animals need something fun to do and these professional enrichments keep them entertained and well exercised. They also help keep their brains active with natural activities.
Qty Needed: 2

Training Panel $350.00
These wonderful training panels are perfect for our animal exhibits as they learn better behavior.
Qty Needed: 3

Infrared Heaters $300.00
It is hard to imagine in the heat of summer, but it gets cold in the winter and our animals used to warmer temperatures need heaters to keep them warm.
Qty Needed: 3

Reptile Shelving $200.00
Help repair and replace shelving in the reptile room where our outreach animals live.
Qty Needed: 5


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