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Tierra de las Pampas opens.

Milking Cow: on busy weekends and for school groups, a model milking cow provides an interactive experience for children and curious adults who want to experience what it's like to milk a cow!
Rainforest Exhibit: Remodeled fencing and new landscaping provides for a multi-species exhibit, introducing golden lion tamarins to saki monkeys.
Commissary Upgrades: Renovations to the Zoo Commissary allow for healthier diets, while adhering to the high standards set forth by the AZA.
Ocelots Exhibit opened. The Zoo exhibits 2 of the only 26 Brazilian Ocelots in the United States. Since 2002, the Santa Ana Zoo had been working with the Association of Zoos and Aquariums' Brazilian Ocelot Consortium and the government of Brazil to play a role in the ocelot's survival.

Fifty Monkey Ferris Wheel opened on Saturday, May 26. The 64-foot Ferris Wheel carries a projected 65,000 per year!
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