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Wish List
By donating towards the purchase of one or more of these items, you will help enrich the lives of the animals or help with education or conservation. Each item has a listed price and description. Although everyday upkeep of our exhibits is contained within our budgets, these extra items will go a long way to help out.

If the item is no longer available or is available at a discounted price at the time of purchase, your extra donation dollars will be used towards Zoo improvements.

Outdoor Cooling Mist Machines $600.00
Sometimes our animals like to cool down in a watery mist. Help them out with one of these machines.
Qty Needed: 5

Field Microscope $60.00
Nasco Field Trip Microscope & case
Qty Needed: 2

Garden Hoses $40.00
Hoses for cleaning animal exhibits
Qty Needed: 6

UVB Light Bulbs for Reptiles and Monkeys $55.00
In winter these special light bulbs replicate the UV rays these animals get from the sun.
Qty Needed: 15

Food Dishes $15.00
It is time to replace the fine China, these stainless steel food bowls are used to feed the Zoo animals’ prepared meals.
Qty Needed: 14

Frog Moss $50.00
The tropical frogs at the zoo live on a variety of moss that needs to be changed out periodically.
Qty Needed: 4


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